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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lesson 9: Talking on the Phone

Hallo! If you look forward to speaking Serbian on the phone, this lesson will help!

Dragana: Vukoja?                                                     Vukoja?
Milena: Hallo Dragana, ovo je Milena Zupan.          Hello Dragana, this is Milena Zupan.
Dragana: Ah! Milena, kako si?                                 Oh! How are you, Milena?
Milena: Meni je dobro, hvala.                                    I am good, thank you.
Dragana: Eh, moram da te pustim.                            Hey, I have to go.
Milena: Vidimose sutra!                                            See you tomorrow!
Dragana: Ciao!                                                          Bye!

Note: Ciao is an Italian, all-purpose greeting used by Serbian-speaking people.
Extra Note: Vukoja is Dragana's last name. In most semi-formal phone conversations, you answer the phone by stating your last name. This is a little like saying "You've reached John Smith."

But, before you can talk to someone, you need to dial their phone number! Serbian numbers have seven digits, but sometimes you have to add certain numbers before calling. If you are calling from within Belgrade, there are seven digits only. If you are calling from anywhere in Serbia, you have to type 0 11 before the number. If you are calling from outside Serbia, you must type +381 11.

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